I never expected how regularly writing (Carrot and Honey blog at , The Life Literary blog at and also on Twitter at would open my eyes and ears as it has. I hear things differently (I am learning to listen), and see things differently (I am learning to look). I barely call myself a writer; I certainly do not presume to call myself a photographer. Still, along with all the scribbling, writing essays and captions, and descriptions and more, I'm also clicking away. Since I first started posting pictures I have graduated from my spiffy point and shoot Canon camera to an even spiffier Canon DSLR camera that lets me shoot all sorts of sweet shots. I have labeled galleries with new-camera-taken photos NC.

These galleries contain the photos I'm taking. As with writing, I am fascinated seeing the parts and showing them in the context of the whole. I am also thrilled taking in the bigger view, then watching the parts and the patterns emerge. Maybe some of these pics, along with some of my words, can help you do the same.